We are
a sustainable hub aimed at visionaries

Our Approach

Start-up incubators liaise with companies or single entrepreneurs who are at early stages of development and do not operate on a set schedule.

If an ‘accelerator’ is comparable to a greenhouse which offers the optimal conditions for seedlings to grow, an ‘incubator’ is like a catalyst that directs high quality seeds to the best soil for sprouting and growth.

Our Projects

Creative skills and innovation, aimed at providing the best solutions for the planet

Image by Boris Baldinger
Image by Wael Hneini

Lifestyle Day Switzerland


Muzzano — Switzerland

Lifestyle Week Emirates

6 > 10 December 2020

Dubai — Emirates


Rare is not rare

Cavalli Foundation


Selection committee and criteria

The selection committee evaluates all candidates and makes a recommendation to the A-I Org.

Knowledge hub

Any crisis allows us the opportunity to initiate long term projects with the aim of creating a better future

We provide coaching for start-ups who want to create positive change in the world.

A space which functions as a knowledge bridge, where people can meet to stimulate a creative thinking mindset.

A workspace which favours experimentation, breaking down the boundaries between disciplines in order to contribute to the creation of new values related to environmental, economic and social sustainability.