Cavalli Foundation was established as an incubator with the aim of translating the ideas of young visionaries into a format which can enter an ‘accelerator’. In other words, to enable them to find investors. Our goal is to transform these ideas into a prospering business. The mentors in our ‘idea incubator’ work on a voluntary base.

Image by Thomas Verbruggen

Our Approach

Start-up incubators liaise with companies or single entrepreneurs who are at early stages of development and do not operate on a set schedule.
If an ‘accelerator’ is comparable to a greenhouse which offers the optimal conditions for seedlings to grow, an ‘incubator’ is like a catalyst that directs high quality seeds to the best soil for sprouting and growth.

Image by Quino Al


In the fields of science, technology, and design, we open doors to comprehensive resources, which include strategic advice from industry experts, introductions to investors who focus on science, design, and technology, and lastly — but not least importantly — we provide access to a community of active investors and entrepreneurs.
The Cavalli Foundation's mentoring network currently includes more than 70 founders. 
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