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The selection committee evaluates all candidates and makes a recommendation to the Cavalli Foundation. 
The committee consists of an external group of technology and innovation experts, academics, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. It evaluates all candidates according to the criteria listed below before making its recommendation to the company. The committee members are selected based on their extensive experience in, and knowledge of, a wide range of technology sectors.

Application criteria


The idea must be truly innovative and consist of either the development of a new technology or a novel application of an existing technology. Regionally relevant applications or adaptations
of technology also qualify.



The idea must have the potential to make a substantial long-term impact on business and society while being scalable. The innovation should be recent and make an impact on humanity. We focus on health: from rare diseases to prevention.



If you have already founded a company,

you must exhibit the DNA necessary to drive your company to success.



If you have a company, you are not required to demonstrate any annual revenue, official structure or office yet, however you must have a solid idea/invention to build on.

Who we are looking for

You must either still be a student or have just completed your education,
with proof of positive academic results.




You must be curios, smart, active, hard-working, and accept that mistakes
can be an asset. A mindset that acknowledges that errors are

a fundamental part of growth, is essential.


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