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Fabio Cavalli

Chief Executive Officer

Fabio Cavalli is a philanthropist. He develops new ideas, new concepts, new patents, disruptive innovations, and business models that can help individuals the world over to live a better quality of life.
Prior to pursuing his interest in philanthropy and art he was an active businessman, designer and inventor. He is best known as the founder of mondoBIOTECH.
Through mondoBIOTECH he was widely recognised as a charismatic pioneer of the fight against rare and neglected diseases. In 2009 he made mondoBIOTECH public on the Swiss Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation surpassing 2,4 billion Swiss francs. He then moved on from mondoBIOTECH to create a foundation which focuses on the research on chronic inflammation in rare diseases with the collaboration of his wife Vera.
Fabio made a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to revolutionise healthcare by means of the development of a new predictive, personalised, preventive, participatory, and public model that introduces profiling aimed at enhancing well-being. 
Fabio has established other successful start-ups in the fields of real estate, leisure, sport, design, and information technology. From mountain bike company SBIKE, to GHOST snowboards, sport shoes as well as fashion. He has a great passion for sports and flying; he was rally champion in 1982, and is currently an endurance racer, snowboarder, kite surfer, jogger, and biker. 
Fabio flies helicopters and PC 12 airplanes. He is married to Vera, a pharmacist with expertise in rare disease research. They have two children, Francesco and Valentina.


Vera Cavalli

Public Relations & Event Coordinator

Vera Cavalli graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Basel and is a founding partner and executive of Mymeleon INC., Palo Alto. Previously she was an engaged businesswoman, co-founder of the mondoBIOTECH company and widely recognised [togliere doppio spazio] as someone striving for innovation in the field of rare diseases, using [togliere ‘the’] Search & Match technology to facilitate the discovery of new drugs.

In 2009, Vera made mondoBIOTECH public on the Swiss Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation surpassing 2,4 billion Swiss francs. She then moved on in 2010 to create a foundation aimed at helping people affected by rare diseases, together with her husband Fabio. 


Tariq Mughal

Medical Director

Tariq Mughal qualified in medicine at St George’s Hospital Medical School in London (UK), followed by postgraduate training in Haematology, Medical Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation at [togliere ‘the’] Imperial College London (Hammersmith Hospital) and at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (Denver). He is a Professor of Haematology/Oncology at the Tufts University Cancer Center (Boston) and University of Buckingham (UK). His principal research interests are in precision cancer medicine and haematological malignancies, melanoma and breast cancer. He has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers, 33 cancer-related textbook chapters and authored/edited 13 books on cancer. He is the recipient of numerous awards, among which from the UK Royal College of Physicians, the American College of Physicians, Swiss humanitarian groups and a BMA global Book Award. Since 2012, through his [“foundation” e la virgola] Alpine Oncology Foundation, he has empowered physicians and patients to become eligible for targeted therapies for leukemia (both acute and chronic, myeloid and lymphoid) in some of the poorest countries in the world, by providing educational support, assistance with diagnostic molecular tools, and drug access. He serves as an editorial board member on several peer-led haematology and oncology journals, and was a founding co-editor of “Clinical Leukemia”. He has also helped found several international and national societies.