Cavalli Foundation centre was established as a hub in which to experiment, exhibit and spread scientific and technological innovation, design and art.


Lifestyle Day Switzerland 2021

Lifestyle Day is a conference devoted to spreading ideas on how to prevent diseases and premature ageing. Keeping communities anti-inflammaged has become a social responsibility. Low grade inflammation is characterised by raised concentrations of inflammatory markers in the absence of any overt symptoms and is recognised as a risk factor for a number of chronic diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Lifestyle Week Emirates

6 > 10 December 2020

Lifestyle Week is a conference devoted to spreading ideas on how to prevent diseases and premature ageing. It began in 2000 as a conference in which Technology and Science converged to find solutions to rare diseases, and today it covers almost every topic — from science and technology, to health promotion, to global issues. Meanwhile, independently-run Lifestyle day events help share ideas with communities around the world, so as to change people’s lifestyle behaviour.

Rare is not rare

Low-grade chronic inflammation
The secret killer


We are always developing new projects concerned with human health and wellbeing, the guardianship of our planet, and the creation of publications featuring innovative scientific research.

Our new project aims to stimulate young people in different countries to understand the relationships between climate change and migratory phenomena, so as to encourage the creation of a movement of informed individuals, open to addressing their current lifestyle.

Sustainable architecture

The purpose of a building is the well-being of its inhabitants, understood as a psychophysical state which contributes to the health of the individual, socio-economic balance and care for the environment. In this vision, the building itself is part of an interactive and dynamic system which considers natural and social elements as fundamental components of the project.


We develop projects based on fundamental principles aimed at protecting the urban environment concurrently with protecting people's health and well-being.